Wireless Analog Input Sensor
Analog input sensor for industrial applications | SenSource Wireless
Wireless Analog Input Sensor

Single and Dual Input Sensors

The SenSource wireless analog input sensor is designed to log and transmit data from a specialized input device. It offers the user the ability to take specialized measurements and quantify them for warning, recording or decision making purposes. The wireless analog sensor family has a host of applications with the following as most commonplace:

  • Analog devices
  • Pressure transducers
  • Gas and water metering devices
  • Air flow
  • Pressure
  • Industrial

Your custom data can be captured through VeaTrak, our cloud-based software. VeaTrak will manage the information that it receives from the wireless analog input sensor and generate customized reporting that can be used to make informed decisions.


  • Available in single and dual input (0-5V or 0-20 mA)
  • Accommodate a variety of input analog devices and transducers
  • Flexibility to design a custom wireless solution for data logging
  • Compact enclosure for both Wi-Fi and 900 MHz units
Parameter Min Typ Max Units
Transmission Rate 10 17 seconds
Transmission Range (LOS)* 600 feet
Transmission Range (Indoor)* 200 feet
Dimensions 3.7×2.55×2.25 inches
Weight 1.5 ounce
Battery 3.6V Lithium
Battery Life with Transmissions 2.5 4 years
Storage/Operating temperature -40° 85° Celsius
Humidity 0% 90% RH

*Maximum transmission ranges are determined using ideal conditions; SenSource recommends using a 50% safety factor for most installations ◊418MHz sensors are FCC compliant.

There are many applications for the wireless analog input sensor. In fact, there are some applications that we have yet to uncover. We love a new challenge so contact us at 877.395.8873 or complete our site contact form to help you realize your custom solution.