Wireless Temperature Sensors
Wireless temperature sensors
Wireless Temperature Sensors

TMP and RTD Series Battery-Powered Wireless Sensors

We offer a range of wireless temperature sensors to meet the demands of the most specialized application. Our wireless temperature sensors are designed to log wireless temperature data for applications ranging from ambient room temperature to a sealed container with liquids and everything in between!

TMP Series Wireless Temperature Sensors

Applications that require wireless ambient temperature monitoring can rely on the SenSource Wireless TMP Series of wireless temperature monitoring devices. Our product offering includes both standard and fully-enclosed models to address the most demanding applications. The TMP-Series is efficient and reliable when delivering wireless temperature data to your operation. With an average 2-year battery life and the capacity to buffer weeks of data before transmitting critical information makes this an industry workhorse. This series of wireless temperature sensor can be used in a host of applications where accurate ambient temperature data is required. Some of the popular applications include:

The TMP-Series will help you reduce product damage, monitor possible climate control equipment issues and validate the correct temperature levels to control costs and increase profitability. VeaTrak software will capture the data wirelessly and allow the user to understand the nature and behavior of the environment that is being monitored.

TMP-Series highlights

  • Cases that are standard or fully-enclosed for harsh environments
  • Battery operated with (2) lithium batteries for extended use
  • Accurate temperature readings to +/- 0.5°C
  • Light weight and easy to install with 2-way tape/Velcro or optional mounting bracket
  • Wi-fi and 900 MHz versions available
  • Compatible with VeaTrak cloud monitoring service

TMP Series

Parameter 900 MHz Wi-Fi Units
Transmission Rate 5 minutes user defined
Transmission Range (LOS)* 5280 75-100 feet
Transmission Range (Indoor) 1300 75-100 feet
Dimensions 3.9×3.9×2.0 2.56×1.97×1.38 inches
Weight 4.7 4.7 ounces
Battery (2) 1.5V AA Lithium (2) 1.5V AA Lithium
Battery life with Transmissions 2-3 2-3 years
Storage/Operating Temperature -40° to 85° -40° to 85° Celsius
Temperature Resolution ±.0625° ±.0625° Celsius
Humidity 0% – 90% 0% – 90% RH

RTD Series Wireless Temperature Sensors with Probe

The RTD Series compliments the TMP Series by recording and monitoring temperatures where a closed or contained reading is required. The RTD Series is the most prevalent model in the wireless temperature sensor arena. The flexibility of the design allows for probe and device to be located independently of each other. The ease-of-installation allows for a cost-effective solution for large-scale rollouts. Popular applications for the RTD-Series may include:

The RTD-Series is designed to increase safety through continuous wireless monitoring and warning of food and pharmaceutical refrigeration. Waste due to improper equipment performance and improper operational standards can be identified and quantified with the RTD-Series. VeaTrak cloud software will interpret this data wirelessly and allow you to manage your operation in real-time.

RTD-Series highlights

  • Single and dual probe versions available to monitor up to 2 refrigeration/freezer compartments with a single unit
  • Probes that can monitor temperature ranges from -200°C to 125°C
  • NIST 3-point certificates available
  • Accurate temperature readings to +/- 0.5°C
  • Maintain local, state and federal compliancy regulations for food and drug storage
  • Flexible mounting options that are non-destructive to refrigeration equipment
  • Wi-Fi and 900 MHz versions available
  • Compatible with VeaTrak cloud monitoring service

RTD Series

Parameter 900MHz Wi-Fi Units
Transmission Rate user defined user defined seconds
Transmission Range (LOS)* 1300 75-100 feet
Transmission range (Indoor)* 6500 75-100 feet
Dimensions 4.5×2.75×1.0 4.625×2.85×1.0 inches
Weight 5.0 5.0 ounces
Battery (2) 1.5V Lithium (1) 1.5V Lithium
Battery life with Transmissions 2.5 2 years
Storage Temperature -40° to 80° -40° to 60° Celsius
Operating Temperature -200° to 200° –40° to 60° Celsius
Temperature Resolution ±0.1° ±0.1° Celsius

*Maximum transmission ranges are determined using ideal conditions; SenSource recommends using a 50% safety factor for most installations ◊418MHz sensors are FCC compliant. Wi-Fi sensors are FCC, IC and CE compliant.

We understand the complexity in selecting the best wireless temperature sensor solution. We are happy discuss your application and help your select the correct wireless temperature sensor package. Contact us today at 877.395.8873 or complete our contact form to begin the process. We value our customers and work to deliver a customized solution!