Wireless Temperature & Door Status Sensor
Wireless Temperature Sensor
Wireless Temperature & Door Status Sensor

CT Series Battery-Powered Wireless Sensors

For applications requiring both temperature and door status (open/close/count), our CT-Series of battery-powered wireless temperature sensors are designed to provide all necessary information in a single, compact, wireless enclosure. This device is capable of reading, logging and wirelessly transmitting data for a range of temperatures from -40o to 85o C. A wireless temperature sensor can be used in a host of applications where accurate refrigeration temperature monitoring is necessary. Applications can include but are not limited to the following:

Monitoring both temperature and door status allows the user to gain a better understanding of the frequency of door opening and closure but also the door opening/closing behavior with last status. This will help determine the efficiency of your operation and allow the possibility of reducing costs due to inefficiencies in energy waste and human capital flow.

The sleek nature of this product allows two different parameters to be monitored through a single wireless device. Our cloud-based software, VeaTrak captures the wireless temperature sensor input and enables the user to make informed decisions.

CT-Series highlights

      • Compact dimensions
      • Battery-powered with long-lasting lithium AA cells
      • Proprietary system that will not interfere with other wireless devices
      • Dual-function device that is a wireless temperature sensor and door status counter in a single package
Parameter 900 MHZ WI-FI Units
Transmission Rate 5 Minutes user defined
Transmission Range (LOS)* 5280 75-100 feet
Transmission Range (Indoor) 1300 75-100 feet
Dimensions 3.9×3.9×2.0 3.9×3.9×2.0 inches
Weight 4.7 4.7 ounces

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