Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensors
temperature and humidity sensor
Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensors

TH Series Battery-powered Wireless Sensors

The SenSource TH Series is your choice to wirelessly transmit temperature, humidity and dew point data in a single, compact package. A single chip logs and wirelessly transmits data for a range of temperatures from -40o to 85o C and relative humidity from 20% to 80%. A wireless temperature and humidity sensor brings another dimension to environmental sensing by introducing multiple parameters in a single device when you require more than just wireless temperature readings. There are a number of ideal applications for the TH Series that include but are not limited to the following:

Wireless temperature and humidity sensor data is important for applications where product and goods are susceptible to damage from moisture content. The TH Series will eliminate the guesswork and closely monitor those areas that are prone to environmental change.

VeaTrak, our cloud-based software will conveniently capture, record and provide a real-time warning when the user-defined parameters are breached.

TH-Series highlights

  • Wirelessly logs (3) data points in a single package – temperature, humidity & dew point
  • Flexible wireless configurations to meet your requirements – WiFi & 900 MHz
  • Long battery life with (2) lithium batteries (included)
  • Clean and easy design to promote a quick installation
  • Easy to expand network of installed devices as your requirements change
Parameter 900 MHz Wi-Fi Units
Transmission Rate  user-defined  user-defined seconds
Max Transmission Range (LOS)* 75 – 100 75 – 100 feet
Max Transmission Range (Indoor)*  75 – 100  75 – 100 feet
Dimensions  4.5×2.75×1.0  4.5×2.75×1.0 inches
Weight  5.0  5.0 ounces
Battery  1.5V Lithium  1.5V Lithium
Humidity Accuracy  ±3%  ±3% RH
Humidity  0% – 90%  0% – 90% non-condensing
Temperature Accuracy  ±.4°  ±.4° C
Storage/ Operating Temperature  -40° – 60°  -40° – 60° C

*Maximum transmission ranges are determined using ideal conditions; SenSource recommends using a 50% safety factor for most installations. Wi-Fi sensors are FCC, IC and CE compliant

Determining the correct application for the TH Series will ensure you measure and record what matters. Let us guide you through the process and get the best fit for the data you are looking to capture. Contact us at 877.395.8873 or complete the site contact form to begin the process. We commit to delivering the best solution in a timely fashion.