• Food Storage
    Maintaining the optimum temperature is critical to safely delivering food products and services. The majority of food-born illness are a result of inadequate temperature control and measurement during storage, display and delivery of services. SenSource Wireless food storage temperature monitoring can provide the assurance that your goods are stored at the required environmental parameters.
  • Healthcare
    SenSource healthcare wireless sensors monitor blood, pharmaceutical and food storage temperatures and provide automatic notification.
  • Adult Living Centers
    Ensure the health of residents with SenSource Wireless 24/7 adult living center environmental monitoring, reporting and warning of critical parameters for food and drug storage temperatures.
  • View All Applications
    SenSource Wireless provides environmental sensing devices for a variety of industries. Click to view more applications.
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Wireless environmental sensors are necessary for proper operations within a variety of industries where maintaining consistent temperature, humidity and other environmental factors is crucial. SenSource provides a complete system pairing sensors with VeaTrak reporting software.

Wireless sensors to monitor ambient temperature or used with an external probe for sealed areas or liquids.

Wireless sensors to monitor indoor temperature and humidity from -40°C to 60°C and 0% to 90% humidity.

Wireless sensors to monitor temperature and the open/closed state of a door.

Wireless sensors to monitor single and dual-channel voltage and currents.

VeaTrak web-based monitoring, recording and reporting software is designed to provide real-time data solutions for SenSource Wireless sensors.